The 2021 Porsche Taycan Cross Turismo Is a Fast Electric Station Wagon

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2021 Porsche Taycan Cross Turismo review!! The 2021 Porsche Taycan Cross Turismo is an electric station wagon -- and it's fast. Today I'm reviewing the Taycan Turbo Cross Turismo, and I'll show you all the quirks and features of a high-performance EV wagon. I'm also going to drive the Taycan Cross Turismo to show you what it's like on the road.
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  1. John Svensson
    John Svensson
    Ժամ առաջ

    Funny that many Porsche models that don’t have the “Turbo” name do in fact have a turbo. Nobody complained.

  2. Specproof
    2 օր առաջ

    I'm pretty sure that Porsche is trying to sell it as raised up wagon like Volvo's Cross Country line or Audi's Allroad etc rather than a real crossover.

  3. Xadacka Photography
    Xadacka Photography
    2 օր առաջ

    you've actually changed my mind on the naming convention of things like "turbo" in this, you're totally right

  4. Tiv Love Cars
    Tiv Love Cars
    3 օր առաջ

    Doug mocking himself @ 17:33...Because that was his exact reaction when he found out it was being called a "Turbo" in prior video.

  5. Rosso Corsa
    Rosso Corsa
    3 օր առաջ

    Wtf there's black plastic around the wheels

  6. tesla automotive
    tesla automotive
    3 օր առաջ

    me: does this car have a turbo? Porsche: no, it only has the badge "turbo" me: ...

  7. urbansustainability
    4 օր առաջ

    I wouldn't buy this car just because of those ridiculous touchscreen controlled air vents. This form over function nonsense has got to stop.

  8. Shawn Massey
    Shawn Massey
    4 օր առաջ

    The mountainous comma namely load because black comparably behave since a insidious polo. sudden, smooth citizenship

  9. Łukasz Ignaciuk
    Łukasz Ignaciuk
    4 օր առաջ

    23:00 Doug, is this car posessed you?

  10. Leroy Brown
    Leroy Brown
    4 օր առաջ

    17:34 min - Doug, you'll make a great voiceover actor for the witches in the sequel to "Hansel and Gretel". 😁

  11. Leroy Brown
    Leroy Brown
    4 օր առաջ

    The wagon is better looking. 👍

  12. ohDok
    4 օր առաջ

    This car is honestly such a dream, Porsche is really taking good command of the electric market. Don't get me wrong, I'm a huge Tesla fanatic but Porsche is doing seriously well 😖💯

  13. WholesaleTurbos
    5 օր առաջ

    turbo on electric is the dumbest thing ever, that would be like me sticking a v8 badge on my gtr

    1. WholesaleTurbos
      5 օր առաջ

      wait, better yet im going to put a hybrid badge on my car

  14. Shaun Curtis
    Shaun Curtis
    5 օր առաջ

    165k USD? Here in Australia the sedan Taycan Turbo is 233k USD equivalent. Damn.

  15. Ojas Vadke
    Ojas Vadke
    5 օր առաջ

    Who noticed Doug Bought a iPhone 12 Pro Max

  16. Holly L.
    Holly L.
    5 օր առաջ

    the older you get the fatter your cheeks get the more you look like jay Leno, except you're funnier.

  17. james lawrence
    james lawrence
    5 օր առաջ

    @5:02 every inch counts Dough, every single inch...🤏

  18. Emppu T.
    Emppu T.
    5 օր առաջ

    I think the Panorama Wagon looks way better than the standard one, o i was very excited to see the Toucan Wagon, but i don't like how they went with the crossovery plastics. Looks ofc in an otherwise sleek design.

  19. Jonas Spangberg Bjarneby
    Jonas Spangberg Bjarneby
    5 օր առաջ

    Who do Americans keep saying PorschA??

    1. Sebastian Nolte
      Sebastian Nolte
      5 օր առաջ

      Well, many even say "Porsch", which is much worse. If somebody says "PorschA" he at least tries to say it correctly. Do you pronounce all foreign brand names 100% without accent? And especially Doug here doesn't even really say PorschA but more PorschE. So it sounds fine - and I say that as a German.

  20. RGA1
    6 օր առաջ

    That would be interesting to see a fight between Doug and Chuck Norris

  21. Hameed Bhatti
    Hameed Bhatti
    6 օր առաջ

    I counted the phrase "Cross Turismo" over 100 times - can you be more annoying in your delivery?

  22. 1975lap
    6 օր առաջ

    Uber requires a three passenger back seat for a vehicle to be used for rideshare. I will probably order my new Tycan with the 3 person back seat because of this requirement.

  23. Yossam88
    6 օր առաջ

    I would rather have no screens, and a V8

  24. Ronald K. Wiley Jr.
    Ronald K. Wiley Jr.
    7 օր առաջ

    Seems more like a hatchback than a station wagon. Just based on the rear hatch room. A wagon has a whole flat "floor " full of room. Looks great, I'll be saying Taycan hatchback.

  25. arjunyg
    7 օր առաջ

    Good god the plastic on the wheel wells is ugly.

  26. Jay54
    7 օր առաջ

    he showed that GMC Denali for the cars and bids advertisement but yet I haven't seen a video for it :think:

  27. Donald Clary
    Donald Clary
    7 օր առաջ

    Cars have become WAY too reliant on technology and this is the worst. When this is out of warranty, and something breaks, hold on to your ass.👎

  28. Wise Guy
    Wise Guy
    8 օր առաջ

    Now we just gotta wait for the IIHS to crash test it

  29. Puneeth S
    Puneeth S
    8 օր առաջ

    If I was making a screen to adjust the airflow I would rather put a seat in the infotainment system so we could select where it would blow

  30. therealknapster
    8 օր առաջ

    Terrible colour . Better backend apart from airsplitter sticking out half a feet ( see what i did there )

  31. sanharib toma
    sanharib toma
    8 օր առաջ

    Can we hear the turbos Doug?

  32. lmaxmai
    8 օր առաջ

    17:33 New York grandmother, long time no hear! I am glad that you respected yourself and others and stayed safe while maintaining a certain vigorousness. And by the way, sweetheart, as it does not seem to have a turbine still, a discussion about that part of the model name is warranted. 😘

  33. trucker 1519 humphries
    trucker 1519 humphries
    8 օր առաջ

    looks good.but I'd end up hitting that display with a hammer trying work the thing

  34. askmaxim
    9 օր առաջ

    did you forget the Turbo Pascal programming language?

  35. Tim Brown
    Tim Brown
    9 օր առաջ

    202 hp for the 4cly my 92 V6 made 182

  36. Michael S
    Michael S
    9 օր առաջ

    Doug: "... because its a station wagon hatchback, its hard to get an active Spoiler here." Panamere Sport Turismo: "o_O"

  37. Pritesh Ruthun
    Pritesh Ruthun
    9 օր առաջ

    I love when the gearbox kicks in my Taycan. Feels solid.

  38. Kevin Capo
    Kevin Capo
    9 օր առաջ

    22:34 Doug blew that Model 3 away.

  39. rocko44444444
    9 օր առաջ

    22:07 "This also feels like a luxory car." No, this IS a luxory car. So dumb to compare to a Tesla which probably made of used McDonald's packiging.

  40. AREA 51
    AREA 51
    10 օր առաջ

    Даг,когда русская версия видео? Нихуя непойму что ты там пиздишь?

  41. kvaks3000
    10 օր առաջ

    The Turbo name is really stupid, no way around that. Equivocating with "Highlander" is just silly. Why not call it Taycan 4.0L V8 Turbo when they're at it?

    1. Sebastian Nolte
      Sebastian Nolte
      8 օր առաջ

      They just use the same naming scheme as for the other Porsches. So when you know that, you know exactly what you get whe you see "Taycan", "Taycan 4S", "Taycan Turbo", "Taycan Turbo S". What do you think is the difference between a "Panamera 4S" and a "Panamera Turbo"?

  42. mac daddy
    mac daddy
    10 օր առաջ

    Rims are too big, tire sidewall is too narrow. No spare tire. A recipe for disaster. If you get an unrepairable flat and you are far from home, you will be staying in a hotel for a couple of days. The nearest tire shop will not have that tire in stock (even the Porsche dealer doesn't stock it). Too many unnecessary computer screens, door handles are stupidly engineered (the forums are already complaining that they don't work right). This car is unnecessarily overcomplicated. No thanks. 'Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication' - Leonardo Da Vinci

  43. Paul Paradiso
    Paul Paradiso
    10 օր առաջ

    This Taycan Cross Turismo and the Lexus LC500 are one of the best looking cars I’ve ever seen

  44. Samwell
    10 օր առաջ

    19:25 tell me that isn’t an extended mcoupe

  45. Dimitrije Djurdjevic
    Dimitrije Djurdjevic
    10 օր առաջ

    if there wasn’t for Doug, i’d still be trying to figure out how much 20mm is exactly

  46. Kev G
    Kev G
    11 օր առաջ

    I have no idea how CT has a bunch of Porsche Taycans and I just saw a wagon yesterday!! Its crazy

    1. Kev G
      Kev G
      11 օր առաջ

      I don't even live in like the extremely wealthy parts of CT, I'm extremely grateful for my living situation, but my area is nowhere near Porsche Taycan territory but I keep seeing them.

  47. michael semer
    michael semer
    11 օր առաջ

    If those vent positions are memorized for each driver, I'll take it. My wife always shuts all the vents, where I'm a fan-in-the-face kind of guy.

  48. Max Thornvigg
    Max Thornvigg
    11 օր առաջ

    Why does Americans don’t think of hygien??.?!?!!!!!

  49. nick d
    nick d
    11 օր առաջ

    The way you change the air flow through the vents is absolutely ridiculous in my opinion so unnecessary

  50. Makizee 6.0
    Makizee 6.0
    11 օր առաջ

    The voice Doug makes... 🤣

  51. S W
    S W
    11 օր առաջ

    This guy is so annoying

  52. Данияр Бегалы
    Данияр Бегалы
    11 օր առաջ

    Russian version please!!

  53. Brendan Walsh
    Brendan Walsh
    11 օր առաջ

    The taycan is probably my only favorite EV

  54. Duarte Guerra
    Duarte Guerra
    12 օր առաջ

    10:26 - The warning lights are not integrated in the cluster's display because of automotive regulations. They always have to be integrated physically (by LEDs, typically, outside any display), in case of one of the displays stop working. They always have to have a dedicated LED for redundancy, so that is not that strange.

  55. SPW
    12 օր առաջ

    Does anyone think that Doug brings his own dust and debris or does he just hope it's there for use on all of the screens? C'mon Doug, run a cloth over those screens....

  56. Alex C
    Alex C
    12 օր առաջ

    I'm so happy that an electric car review didn't compare it to the tesla or as the tesla killer etc etc. Enough with saying is this the tesla killer. Just compare it as a car. Doug mentioned build quality of tesla and that's a fact. You want quality buy a Porsche over the tesla. You want range get an uglier and slower (yes I know new p will have 1000hp, but until then current P is slower) tesla. when it comes to cheaper electric cars, so many good options that aren't model 3.

  57. Oogie Padoogie
    Oogie Padoogie
    12 օր առաջ

    Such an exciting car. Although I’m not into this spec.

  58. Étienne Desjardins
    Étienne Desjardins
    12 օր առաջ

    I prefer............ KNOBS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  59. Jeff Faller
    Jeff Faller
    12 օր առաջ

    Nailed it...I guessed the Doug Score before even listening to the last 30 seconds. "This is a fantastic car that checks every box except price...and the Doug score is...72" Remind me again what the criteria is for handling (6) practicality (7), comfort (7) and quality (8)? I've noticed a trend forming. While describing the car there's lots and lots of praise heaped on it appeasing the person or business that entrusted Doug to create the content (box checked) were they both benefit from ego and/or financially from their car being seen by 4 million subscribers. Then once Doug gets to pass his wand of subjectivity over it, the last 30 seconds, the score again doesn't match the previous 25 minutes of hype and emotional description. How can something have Star Wars hyperdrive level acceleration and handling and only get a "6"? or a huge practical trunk and leg room for 4 in comfort and get a "7"? could it be to ensure that the final score doesn't cause too much of a stir when in reality it probably could have been a strong 75/76 thus shining its ass at, and above, so many other cars? Bottom line, people buy cars specifically for the activities that they intend to use them for, so what is practical for a crossover or sports car or SUV needs to be determined for that particular segment not a blanket over every segment. So among other 4 door sport sedans (electric or ICE powered) how does this handle? probably a 10 and so on. Maybe there's a reason other very popular AMcall automotive contributors don't rate cars, its too subjective and as a consumer you don't know where the bias may be coming from but its definitely there.

  60. B C
    B C
    12 օր առաջ

    You talk so much, please make it shorter

  61. Jamari H
    Jamari H
    12 օր առաջ

    22:58 “it’s just unbel-“😳

  62. thebonefish
    12 օր առաջ

    Does the charge port sensor work when your fingers are moist?

  63. Kamil Marczak
    Kamil Marczak
    12 օր առաջ

    At least it aint an suv

  64. MBC
    13 օր առաջ

    Hey Dougie! What other vehicle has turbo in the name that doesn’t have a turbo? Asking for a friend.

  65. Philip Minns
    Philip Minns
    13 օր առաջ

    'You're not going to go off-roading in the Cross Turismo' *laughs in Top Gear*

  66. Samuel Thompson
    Samuel Thompson
    13 օր առաջ

    The Family Truckster of the 21st century.

  67. J.w
    13 օր առաջ

    Doug if he gets kidnapped Kidnapper: Any last words? Doug: Before you shoot me make sure to check out cars and bids.

  68. Cleansed Temple
    Cleansed Temple
    13 օր առաջ

    Eine "günstigere" Hartz 4 variante

  69. Chrīstós Mathētés
    Chrīstós Mathētés
    13 օր առաջ

    “There’s a larger battery in the turbo.” I hate where we’re going...

  70. Axa Maqueda
    Axa Maqueda
    13 օր առաջ

    About the turbo issue, it's common to see in German speaking countries news headlines about Impf-Turbo. This literally translates to turbo vaccination. So, turbo is just a colloquial and widely used term for "fast". Confusing? Well, it's another damned language :)

  71. Sergio Costa
    Sergio Costa
    13 օր առաջ

    22:28, and the crazy spaceship noises starts to make a lot of sense

  72. Angus Oksesteg
    Angus Oksesteg
    13 օր առաջ

    GET A TAYCAN CROSS TURISMO DOUG! You obviously love it and its time to go electric buddy! :D

  73. Trashkov
    13 օր առաջ

    Why don't they lift it more, like a Crosstrek?

  74. SoccoLoco TV
    SoccoLoco TV
    13 օր առաջ

    so many fucking ads 😤

  75. gyptax
    13 օր առաջ

    Damn, that pano roof.

  76. Irokutara Belmont
    Irokutara Belmont
    13 օր առաջ

    So... You wipe the side panel's nose, and the fuel door is so repulsed, it actually cringes out and away. Porsche. Why.

  77. ZGryphon
    13 օր առաջ

    Ye gods. So many unnecessary servos. So few proper controls. So little futureproofing. And that seems to be the way of it across the industry now. Try as I might, I just can't envision any of these cars (these, Teslas, that spaceshippy BMW thing, etc.) as 10-to-15-year-old used cars on their third or fourth owners, with _any_ of that stuff still working. The future looks increasingly bleak for anyone who can't afford to buy new. (Also, check out how dusty that center screen is--in the _press car!_ Oof.)

  78. Peter
    13 օր առաջ

    Those vents are absolutely ridiculous

  79. Peter
    13 օր առաջ

    Needlessly complexity on those door handles

  80. Peter
    13 օր առաջ

    Hard to compete with T model S

  81. Andrew Campbell
    Andrew Campbell
    13 օր առաջ

    Love how Doug’s finger very visibly smudged each touch scree button to the left of the steering wheel! That’d be annoying to deal with everyday haha

  82. mirthenary
    13 օր առաջ

    Jesus Doug, you are a bit of a moron, cayenne IS a pepper, and the Taycan turbo, DOES NOT HAVE A TURBO🙄

  83. mirthenary
    13 օր առաջ

    Porsche can try all they want, it's not a crossover/suv, it's a stationwagon/hatchback

  84. Nate Nasty
    Nate Nasty
    13 օր առաջ

    Worst name EVER! Horrible body gap placement, ugly wheels, cramped interior, overall just horrific!

  85. Deadwood21+
    13 օր առաջ

    Every car company make SUV/cross Porsche : Increase 1 inch ground clearance and give it name Cross, Hell yeah 😎

  86. plica06
    13 օր առաջ

    For some reason I stopped watching Doug about a year ago. Just coming back now and... wow, his format is basically unchanged but he seems peppier, like he's trying a bit too hard to be entertaining.

  87. Jack Again
    Jack Again
    13 օր առաջ

    All that electric stuff like the vents drains the battery and hurts the mileage range. It's also more to break down later. Dumb....

  88. Daz Fitch
    Daz Fitch
    13 օր առաջ

    What? Another Porsche?? Porsche release more cars than I have hot bloody dinner's 🤔🤔🤔

  89. Michael Wahl
    Michael Wahl
    13 օր առաջ

    Yeah, nice acceleration coming out of Sorrento Valley going on I-5 South!

  90. firebythewater
    13 օր առաջ

    I shall ask again...Why cant electric cars...charge themselves while in motion...asking for a friend!

  91. Miguel Tavares
    Miguel Tavares
    13 օր առաջ

    Black plastic on a porshe... Wtf

  92. Manfred Quinn
    Manfred Quinn
    13 օր առաջ

    where is the itype?

  93. Nico Tang
    Nico Tang
    13 օր առաջ


  94. SubrosaBalum2011
    13 օր առաջ

    22:30 doug gapped that model 3 and it was clearly trying to keep up lmao

  95. Outlets Store
    Outlets Store
    13 օր առաջ

    you really like wagons

  96. Jori Diculous
    Jori Diculous
    13 օր առաջ

    I really think this one looks better than the Taycan. The rear is really something special. "larger battery on the turbo". That's not something you ever expected to hear.

  97. Todd Griffin
    Todd Griffin
    13 օր առաջ

    Those climate vents are stupid.

  98. Romeo Griggs-Taylor
    Romeo Griggs-Taylor
    13 օր առաջ

    LMAO!!! I had to rewind like 5 times during the drive test and he says "It's just unbeliev-.... [Stomps on the pedal]" lmao!

  99. D M
    D M
    14 օր առաջ

    What does an electric car do with a turbocharger? Is it maybe for the climate control? Am I the only one asking this?

  100. Carlos Zurita
    Carlos Zurita
    14 օր առաջ

    You’re not going far with the shitty range that car gets